Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Morning QB: Super Bowl Rock

Was Bob Dylan softening up the American football audience for a performance at next year's Super Bowl by agreeing to appear in a commercial during this year's broadcast?

Why not speculate about a Dylan halftime show, considering that the last five years seem to be paving the way: Paul McCartney (who Dylan introduced to pot), the Rolling Stones (who covered Dylan when their career needed a shot in the arm), Prince (who actually snuck in a Dylan song during his halftime performance), Tom Petty (a fellow Willbury and Dylan tourmate) and now Springsteen (who reveres Bob and is perhaps the only living rock musician whose name can be rightly used alongside Dylan's).

So here's that commercial, which I kind of liked, if for no other reason that because it dusted off the alternate version of "Forever Young," a somewhat inferior take that sounds completely fresh after so long listening to the more classic rendition:

And now for a collision course of "Forever Youngs," culminating in one that joins The Boss and The Bob, which is served up here as more proof that Dylan will play at next year's Super Bowl. Or so I hope.

Neil Young & The Grateful Dead - Forever Young (live)
Eddie Vedder - Forever Young (live)
Bob Dylan - Forever Young (live on David Letterman)
Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen - Forever Young (live)

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Mr. Chair said...

no commentary on Springsteen? I thought it was a pretty good show. Apparently they committee asks him every year. When asked why he decided to do it this year? Easy answer, dude's got a new album out.