Friday, February 20, 2009

Scott Scharf: Composer

One of my oldest and best friends is coming to town for the weekend, and what better reason than that to share some of his music.

Scott Scharf is a composer living in Chicago, where he's working on his dissertation for a doctorate in music from Northwestern. He plays guitar and piano, but it's the realm of composing where he excels the most.

A wildly creative and ruminative composer, Scott composes electronic and acoustic music, with a background in both popular and classical music.

What I know most about Scott are his humor and his dedication to music, and listening to some of his latest work I'm struck at how advanced and intricate he's become as a composer. Some of his pieces sound ageless, while others are thoroughly modern, but throughout his work is an amazingly careful focus on detail, which demands a careful listener.

Scott Scharf - The Charm of 5:30
Scott Scharf - ttctia ttoc pétesal itk
Scott Scharf - Low
Scott Scharf - ... because like you are breathing...

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