Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Garboski EP release show Wednesday

The fortunate result of three outstanding musicians all without a band at the same time, Garboski found themselves performing well-attended and well-received shows from the band's inception.

Without even a demo track to toss onto MySpace for most of a year (though there's now three great songs), Garboski quickly developed a reputation, among fellow musicians especially, as one of Tucson's best live bands.

All veterans of numerous Tucson bands (Beau Bowen: Maintenance, Lloyd Dobler; Garth Bryson: Ladies and Gentlemen, Maintenance; Josh Skibar: Is To Feel, Fun With Dirt, The Bled) they fell together naturally, creating an energetic sound that gives each instrument equal footing.

The trio - Bowen on guitar, Bryson on bass and Skibar on drums - plays a bombastic rock music, full of starts and stops, soaring melodies and rapturous, frenzied instrumenal passages. Garboski sometimes recalls the Seattle explosion circa 1991, but leans more post-rock than punk.

Garboski is performing an EP release show Wednesday, Jan. 7 at Club Congress. Also on the stacked bill are local stalwarts Chango Malo, The Provocative Whites and Fort Worth.

The band took the time to answer a few questions:

Catfish Vegas: The three of you guys have all played in a number of Tucson bands over the years. How and when did Garboski form?

Garboski: We originally met all as singers in the Tucson Boys chorus years ago. Garth and Beau later on were playing in like bands for 5 years, moved to Portland to have our hearts shattered, moved back and were eager to reform a project. Josh Skibar was currently ending a project with Is to Feel and pursuing a career in gypsy belly dancing, when we were again re-united through friends of Chango Malo. The magic began.

CV: Is there a particular sound you were looking for from the outset, or did the band's style come together along the way?

Garboski: It was just a blend of our influences. Between Josh not wanted to play metal, and Garth and Beau not wanting play Candy Land.

CV: How does Garboski approach songwriting?

Garboski: We use magic monkey bones and a Ouiji board... and a lot of booze.

CV: How would you describe the new EP? When/where did you record it?

Garboski: Raw sex appeal. Our neighbor Tom Beach recorded us late this summer. It was a pain in the bottom.

CV: You have a stacked lineup for Wednesday's show. What can we expect?

Garboski: Even more raw sex appeal. PS: Beau is single.

Garboski - Roommates and Sitcoms

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