Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Avetts do Bruce; Magnolia Electric added to tour

The folks over at BruceSpringsteen.Net have discovered that the Boss' "influence has broadened outside of the mainstream rock community." Gee, really? But despite the lame-as-it-can-get introduction, the whole notion of Hangin' On E Street is great.

Musicians, from the frequently Boss-compared Gaslight Anthem to the rather unexpected Wyclef Jean (who's hardly up-and-coming, but anyway), sit down to talk about what inspiration they draw from Springsteen's music. Bring a video camera and throw in an exclusively recorded cover version and there you have it.

I think I'd go apeshit if the Avett Brothers were to bust out "Glory Days" for their May 7 show at the Rialto:

And I just saw that Magnolia Electric Co. is added to the bill. I've seen this Jason Molina project twice - at Club Congress and at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland - and the Neil Young comparisons definitely ring true. This is going to be one hell of a show...

Avett Brothers - Swept Away
Magnolia Electric Co. - Lonesome Valley
Magnolia Electric Co. - The Dark Don't Hide It (live)


Pete said...

Tucson.. gets all the good shows!
*shakes fist*

Catfish Vegas said...

Sometimes... that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy show coming up at Modified has me jealous as hell though.

Pete said...

Are you making the trip for Bruce or the Gaslight Anthem?

Catfish Vegas said...

No. The ticket prices scared me off from the start. I saw Bruce twice on the 99/00 E Street Reunion tour, and once on the Rising tour, so that'll have to do.