Monday, February 23, 2009

Mike Watt @ Plush, April 17

This one isn't even showing up yet on the Plush calendar, but Stateside Presents has an April 17 listing for Mike Watt, the legendary, tireless and rightfully worshiped bass player for the Minutemen.

I've never seen Watt play, and I finally heeded the advice of so many people and just a few months ago really started listening to the Minutemen, so I'm definitely stoked about this show.

In November, Watt received a lifetime achievement award from Bass Player Magazine, presented by Flea, a Watt disciple whose best-selling record probably tops the sales of everything Watt has ever done by a hundred times.

But there's a reason they call it underground music, and Watt has earned the adoration of band after band after band, for showing them what was possible. He's spent his life making music, his way, which is something few others in this world can say, and based on what I've read about Mike Watt, is something I'm sure he values more than all the record sales in the world.

Mike Watt - The Red And The Black (live)

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