Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday night dilemma

I've finally made up my mind - it'll be the Riverboat Gamblers tonight, barely eeking out a win over the Detroit Cobras.

It's rare enough in Tucson that I have to choose between two good shows on the same night, which is why it's so shocking that a random Tuesday at the end of May has such a dilemma.

There's the combustible punk rock of the Riverboat Gamblers - regularly touted as one of the best live bands out there - and then there's the seedy garage rock saturated (and wildly rearranged) Motown covers of the Detroit Cobras - who have a good live reputation as well.

While I've seen both bands before, I haven't heard much of their music recorded. I just finished listening to the Riverboat Gamblers' To The Confusion of Our Enemies, their 2006 album I bought after catching them play at Vaudeville a couple years back. The band has had at least on Tucson show since then canceled because of van issues, so this seems like an opportune time to catch 'em.

But watching the Detroit Cobras open for X last summer was pretty damn great too. Ultimately, I'm just feeling more in the mood for a punk rock night.

Riverboat Gamblers - A Choppy Yet Sincere Apology
Detroit Cobras - On A Monday

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