Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fourkiller Flats CD release show @ Plush

I wrote a lot more about this Friday's Fourkiller Flats CD release show in my feature for the Tucson Weekly, but I had to toss it on the blog as well.

The band's new album, Treasure & Trash, is perfectly captures the Flats' brand of hard-charging rock 'n' roll: rough, twangy and loud, and full of raise-your-drink-and-sing-along hooks.

And on Friday, the first 20 people to buy the new CD will also get a copy of a two-song single. "Givin' Out" and "Nickels on the Dime" were recorded years ago, but never released. Get the details at the band's MySpace.

The album is now available for download at Digistation, and the band promises it'll be available through iTunes and CD Baby as well.

Check out the band for an in-studio live performance on KXCI Friday at 4 p.m.

I first saw the Flats play at Club Crawl in the fall of 2000, not long after they'd formed, and I picked up a five-song CDR that was all they'd recorded at that point. The band has seen plenty since those days - again, see my feature for plenty of details - and the long-long-awaited new record fully captures the Flats well-honed live sound.

Fourkiller Flats - Never For Free

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