Friday, May 01, 2009


This weekend is definitely shaping up to be the busiest of the year.

Starting off the agenda, we have Damien Jurado and Laura Gibson in an early show at Club Congress. I'm pretty new to Jurado, but he comes highly recommended, and I haven't heard Gibson at all, so it'll be nice to catch up to so much new music live.

All day Saturday and Sunday is the Tucson Folk Festival downtown, and while I've tuned into KXCI's live coverage before, this is the first year I'm going to make it down there myself. It's too bad headliner Todd Snider goes on so late Saturday night, because I'll have to get over to the Rialto Theatre because...

Calexico returns for yet another hometown benefit show, with Sergio Mendoza y la Orkestra opening again. The latter is about a 20-piece band with the vibe of a mid-20th century Havana nightclub, playing hot Latin jazz and big-band mambo. Mendoza himself is an incredible showman, leading the band through the sweaty, intensly rhythmic set.

And then, on Sunday, there's SwedeFest...

Damien Jurado - Gillian Was A Horse
Laura Gibson- Hands in Pockets
Calexico - All Systems Red (live)

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