Friday, July 18, 2008

New Giant Sand song

We've got both old and new Giant Sand here today.

Leading off is the new: The first single from the upcoming proVISIONS record has been posted to Giant Sand's MySpace page. "Increment of Love" has the sort of spare, dusty outlaw vibe that characterizes Howe Gelb's music so well.

As I wrote earlier, the record features guests as notable as Neko Case and M. Ward, so I'm excited that Howe Gelb is returning to the "mood" that is Giant Sand, as he describes it. His other preferred description, joking or not, is "erosion rock," and something tells me this record will be the perfect study piece for such a term.

And now the old: I just came across an amazing post from Bradley's Almanac, a Boston-based blogger who I've been following for a while. He's recently posted a bunch of performances from the Sub Pop 1992 Vermonstress Festival.

There is an absolute treasure of high-quality downloads in this post, but we only have time right now to concern ourselves with the Giant Sand tunes, which are absolutely amazing.

Giant Sand - Wearing the Robes of Bible Black (live 1992-10-11, Vermotstress Festival, Burlington) - From Bradley's Almanac
Giant Sand - Wearing the Robes of Bible Black (live 2005-09-02, Club Congress, Tucson)

The Bradley's Almanac stuff is amazing, so get all the Giant Sand songs.

And I've talked up the Giant Sand performance at the 2005 Club Congress 20th Anniversary Festival before, but I have to bring it up again. Seriously, download this.

Howe announced today that "Increment of Love" will be available as a free download from Yep Roc on Sept. 2 (not sure if this is a one-day special or ongoing...). Just go to, enter an email and it's yours.

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