Friday, July 11, 2008

Bishop Allen with The Swim @ Club Congress tonight... FREE

Brooklyn's Bishop Allen is rolling into town tonight, and the ultra-catchy indie pop band is more than well-matched by locals The Swim. They're joined by the Lemon Drop Gang, another set of locals I haven't heard before, but aren't lying on their MySpace when they describe the music as "girlgroup popsicle sweet."

Bishop Allen gathered a lot of buzz for putting out an EP every month in 2006, a bold and attention-grabbing move that could've easily failed, but I think it mostly just raised expectations for the band's full-length debut, last year's The Broken String.

The funny thing is, I've seen little promotion for the show, which seems to be a one-off for Bishop Allen - the only other show the band has booked this month is Wicker Park Festival in Chicago. But a free Friday show at Congress, and especially one billed as X-Mas in July, promises a lot.

Bishop Allen - Click Click Click Click
Bishop Allen - Rain
Bishop Allen - Calendar
The Swim - Margaret With Comets
The Swim - Beautiful Endeavor (demo)

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Mari said...

Hey guess what! Bishop Allen was recently in the Street Date studios- check it out!

Bishop Allen in the Street Date Studios