Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mountain Goats coming to Tucson

The Mountain Goats just announced a fall tour and are stopping by Tucson - Club Congress specifically - on Oct. 29. No Phoenix date for the tour, so count on a few extra friends in town for the night and no doubt this one will be packed.

And while Heretic Pride didn't necessarily make big waves this year as I would have expected, this is a band with extensive and excellent catalog.

The Mountain Goats - New Monster Avenue (from Heretic Pride)
The Mountain Goats - New Year (live, 2007-03-08, The Independent, San Francisco)
The Mountain Goats - Going to Georgia (live, 2006-08-10, 40 Watt, Athens)
Get both excellent shows at Archive.Org - The Independent, 40 Watt

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