Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Submarines & The Morning Benders @ Club Congress Sunday

Los Angeles husband-and-wife duo The Submarines and Berkeley quartet The Morning Benders are teaming up on a tour, and have each recorded one of the other band's songs as a promotional tour single.

It's a great idea - and what's more, both songs sound great. I don't know either band, so I haven't yet heard the original versions alongside the covers, but the project is easily enough of a teaser to make me jazzed about the coming show - Sunday at Club Congress.

The Submarines are the poppier of the two bands, with a bit of an electronic edge that recalls the Postal Service. And they're apparently scored the big time by having a tune in Grey's Anatomy.

The Morning Benders stick to more of a classic indie guitar-rock approach, with an obvious love of the Kinks.

The Young Mothers join The Submarines and The Morning Benders for the post-Super Bowl, all-ages show. Maybe the Cards will actually win, and it can be an indie rock celebration in more ways than one...

The Submarines - Waiting For A War (Morning Benders cover)
The Morning Benders - 1940 (Submarines Cover)
The Morning Benders - Your Dark Side

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