Friday, January 23, 2009

New Fourkiller Flats tunes

Just in time for their first show in too-damn-long, the Fourkiller Flats have posted two new songs on their MySpace.

The Flats will take the stage, such as it is, at Che's Lounge, about 10 p.m. Saturday. There's no better place to catch the fellers, who like to stretch out their two sets and give the faithful plenty of whiskey-drinking time as they rock out. There's a certain magic that makes up a Flats' show at Che's - the familiarity of the songs and the dudes playing them all kind of builds together into a moment where everything is just right.

Despite being notoriously poor at self-promotion (on MySpace, the band writes that they sound like "Chunka Chunka Chunka Chunka WAAAAAAAAAA - weedle dee weedle deee - WAAAAAAA Chunka Chunka Chunka"), and prone to the occasional hiatus, the Fourkiller Flats are without a doubt one of the best bands in Tucson, now or ever, and among the greatest twang rockers to ever plug in amps or throw on cowboy hats.

Jim Cox sings, in a deep and weary voice that covers several different shades of mournful before breakfast, and then wraps in anguish, defiance and his own brand of audacious, wordly wisdom. Neal Bonser is the perfect foil on lead guitar, practically another singer in his expressive, soulful and almost effortless playing - it's the kind of thing you sit there in the crowd, just waiting for... Never mind the pitch-perfect harmony vocals and the rock-solid-hire-'em-at-any-price rhythm section.

The songs are about heartbreak, drinkin', fightin', and the occasional morning in which one might just happen to find oneself stinkin' of Jim Beam upon waking, for some reason or another, in a Las Cruces jail. In other words, the songs are perfect.

And the bastards have decided to finally get around to recording some more. And - no shit - they promise a new album, on Mudhouse Records, in March ("or thereabouts").

So until March, or thereabouts, when we can expect a proper album release show, tomorrow is prime Flats time. Catch 'em if you can.

Fourkiller Flats - Never For Free (2009)
Fourkiller Flats - Go Get Gone (2001)
And get more new tunes at Fourkiller Flats' MySpace page

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