Sunday, May 04, 2008

SumKid Majere

One song stands out above the rest in everything I've been listening to lately - "September" by SumKid Majere, an MC and songwriter who hails from "Brookakalantalangeles."

It's that combination of the East Coast, the South and West Coast that makes him stand apart.

"September" is laid back and nostalgic, a traveling type of groove in which motion gives way to self-reflection.

Sum is as good a wordsmith I've ever heard in hip-hop. There's nothing of the bling and boast that dominates the club scene. His lyrics are truly lyrical, with a peaceful core as well as a restlessness that drives the songs.

Another track from his 2006 The Lil Folk record, "Dude More Blue" follows an even more explicit road trip, from North Carolina to Atlanta. Sum deals in imagery that's extremely evocative of place and space.

Sum shifts gears on his forthcoming project The Bone Mustache Combe into a rawer sound, but doesn't lose anything on the lyrical side. "Chuck Norris On Drugs," produced by BadTouch, is downright brilliant, a collection of modern life's annoyances, crutches and ubiquitous technology, strung together in a stream of consciousness style.

Sum is for fans of rappers like Murs, Aesop Rock and Ghostface Killah, so don't take him lightly.
Visit Sum at MySpace to download "September," and also check out The Lone Wolf, Sum's collaboration with Belief.

SumKid Majere - Dude More Blue
SumKid Majere - Chuck Norris On Drugs

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I wanna know teh lyrics of September, can u help me?