Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hold Steady touring

The Hold Steady are taking their new record out on tour and are stopping in Tucson for a gig at the Rialto on Aug. 2. (The Rialto has nothing online about the show yet, but it's in the theater's print ad, and the Hold Steady has all the dates online).

I've caught the band on their last two trips to Tucson - first at Club Congress and then at Plush - and also lucked out to see them in Philadelphia in October. And on stage they're intensely entertaining - it's definitely a jump up and down and shout the chorus type of a show.

The band's new record is out on July 15, but we get to try out the first single next Tuesday.

The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations (acoustic)
A whole set and interview from KEXP.

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Sam said...

I can't get that obnoxious fileden site to work, but I'd love to check out the acoustic Stuck Between Stations. Can I get it any other way?