Wednesday, May 28, 2008

External Recap

As convenient and indicative of our technological age as it is, there's also a certain sort of erieness in being able to search around youtube for a few minutes and arrive at a fairly decent representation of my weekend.

First up is from the Calexico show on Friday. I briefly mentioned in another post that the band welcomed roughly 30 mariachi players onto the stage (two bands - one a bunch of high schoolers having what I am sure was the time of their lives while earning money for a trip to D.C. and the other Calexico's regular partners, Luz de Luna) for the finale, which included Neil Young's "Heart of Gold." Well, here it is, courtesy of someone recording from the balcony:

And from TucsonScene.Com, here's a performance from December of Dylan's "Goin' to Acapulco," which Calexico performs with Jim James on the I'm Not There Soundtrack, and briefly in the film. The Calexico boys have truly made this song, as well as "Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)," their own, which is a dual testament to their musicianship as well as Dylan's incredible songwriting.

Up next is Monday. Sport's On Congress took full advantage of the three-day weekend, having locals Garboski and The Swim play, along with Riddle of Steel from St. Louis.
Check out The Swim playing "Julie," from their March CD release show for Random Walk:

For more on The Swim, check out my interview with the band.

The Swim - Lazy Day

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