Saturday, April 24, 2004

Ungrateful prick

I have a hard time finding any respect for Eli Manning and his pop Archie in their steadfast refusal to play for the San Diego Chargers.
This is a sport, a game millions of kids across the nation play, hoping to one day be good enough to make the pros. And when somebody does make the pros, he's paid millions of dollars to do so.
Every professional athlete should feel incredibly lucky to have the kind of natural physical talent to gain incredible wealth from playing a game. And acknowledge that without that talent, you have to actually work a job, making far far less.
Eli Manning would sit out a year if San Diego drafted and then didn't trade him? Insulting. There's a reason the worst teams get the best draft picks.
His brother was picked first in 1998. And lo and behold, not only was he co-MVP this past season, the formerly worst in the league Colts went far into the playoffs.
And Indianapolis is a far worse place to find yourself living than San Diego.
My message to the younger Manning. Shut up and play football, for whoever drafts you and how ever much money they want to pay you. It could be a hell of a lot worse.

The Chargers did draft the arrogant prick Manning, but quickly traded him to the New York Giants. Here's hoping for an ACL tear in training camp and a lengthy McDonald's career for The Idiot Who's Already Made A Legion Of Enemies By Whining About Who Will Pay Him Millions Of Dollars To Throw A Ball.