Saturday, April 03, 2004

And down goes Duke

Nothing is nicer in college basketball than when Duke loses. And rare are the moments I become a UConn Huskies fan.
But the Blue Devils are the Yankees, are the Lakers, are the Cowboys of Troy and Emmitt. They're arrogant, machine-like winners. They're damn good, but they're smug - as if victory is their birthright. They're efficient and appalling in what they expect - and how they expect to be treated. They're sleek progress, shiny condominiums atop bulldozed meadows. They win. A lot. But each time they fall the sport gets better.
Dick Vitale can blow this one out his ass. He's a worthless, obnoxious little troll who's somehow made a career out of being a Duke fan. Analyst - yeah right. His geeky slogans are mind-numbing.
I hope Monday's championship stacks up to the down-to-the-final minute semis. Bless Okafor and Bynum for playing like they love the game.