Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shearwater back with new song, album news

Another day, another dispatch from Matador Records, and another blog post to suggest that a band makes sure to add Tucson to its 2010 tour schedule...

Since I first met Jonathan Meiburg (about six year ago), he's left Okkervil River to focus all of his attention on Shearwater, with each album seeing more and more acclaim. The Golden Archipelago is Shearwater's third album to be released on Matador, and judging from the cover, Meiburg is still concerned with not only birds, but islands, the sea and a certain mystical otherworldness that remains at the core of his songwriting.

Add this to your no-doubt quickly growing list of most-anticipated albums for 2010...

Shearwater - Castaways

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Chris said...

Really like what I've heard so far. Would be cool to see these guys live. Check the link out for more info about the new album and tour. There's also a album trailer that's worth checking out too.