Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Ted Leo track

Matador released the first track from the upcoming Ted Leo and the Pharmacists record yesterday, and I'm no doubt the last music blogger out there to write about it.

But that's OK - this is as much a request for the good Mr. Leo and his Pharm.D.'s to make sure that Tucson is once again on the agenda for whatever touring they endeavor to undertake in support of Brutalist Bricks. (And furthermore, you blokes should probably go ahead and have The Swim opening up the show again - that was awesome last time around!)

Anyway, the song is fantastic, a hard-hitting yet catchy track that will no doubt rise to the top of the heap in 2010. If these first few listens are any indication, "Even Heroes Have to Die" will soon top out "Me & Mia" as my favorite TL&P song, and if the rest of the album is just as strong, it'll top out Shake the Sheets, his best so far, as far as I'm concerned.

Ted Leo - Even Heroes Have to Die

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