Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Elliott Smith track

As I've been thinking about the decade in music, one question in particular is how Elliott Smith fits in. I saw him perform solo acoustic in the fall of 2000, which was at the beginning of my fandom. I worked backwards from Figure 8 through the rest of his albums, experiencing his evolution in reverse. After his death, his final record would have to stand as a final statement. And From A Basement on The Hill was an incredible album. Then the New Moon set of rarities, outtakes and whatnot became another strong posthumous statement of Smith's excellence and talent.

Today comes news from Kill Rock Stars that Smith's one-time label is adding two more of his releases to its catalog: Roman Candle and From a Basement on the Hill. Oh, and guess what? A new and unreleased track accompanies the announcement.

"Cecilia/Amanda" was recorded in 1997, which makes it roughly Either/Or or XO era. And it just feels so good to have a new song from Elliott Smith as this decade nears it's close.

Elliott Smith - Cecilia/Amanda

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