Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Super-size me

The surprising thing about this is not that he gained 25 pounds in a month, it's that he could actually stomach eating nothing but McDonald's for 30 days.
That sounds absolutely hideous.
He started feeling sick within two days. Three weeks in, his doctor advised him to stop eating McDonald's immediately. His liver started showing early indications of cirrhosis.
Now, I'm certainly not the healthiest person around, and admit to the occasional stop at the Golden Arches, but the thought of confining myself to McDonald's food for any period of time sounds worse than going vegan.
I'd love to see this film - it seems like it makes another outstanding indictment against the Fast Food Nation. Just reading the press acounts of the film on the Web site makes me cringe.
Of course, a widespread release for this film is probably too much to hope for, Sundance aside.
But some believe Spurlock's film, in connection with fat lawsuit backlash, are actually working to turn around the fast food industry.
I'd love to see consumers just face up to the fact that the food is simply crap and leave it at that.