Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Immortals

Rolling Stone's new issue has the 50 greatest artists of all time.
I thumbed through it a bit today (admitedly while on the pot) and it seems to be pretty right on.
It leads with the obvious Beatles, Dylan, Elvis triumvirate and it's definitely nice to see Nirvana, Run DMC and the Clash get some props. I'd argue against Madonna, maybe the Everly Brothers (too early?) and was John Lennon's solo work really different enough to take a spot from somebody else?
The artwork is cool, but the really impressive part is the artists they got to write about the Immortals. A number are on the list themselves, and a good portion more could make a solid argument for inclusion. Equally impressive is the panel used to select the Immortals, except for that Linkin Park guy.
What's curious about the issue, though, is how frequently Rolling Stone seems to be resorting to these best of all time lists. Albums, top guitarists... I know they gotta sell magazines, but I'm getting sick of the fact that damn near the only times Rolling Stone puts a good music on the cover it's more than 30 years old.