Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...music video? - I'm Afraid of Everything

From the opening drum beat, it's clear that Fort Lowell Records' second single is nothing like it's inaugural release. ...music video? is electronic pop music that finds its roots in R&B and trip-hop, a combination that holds together remarkably well with Paul Jenkins' smooooooth vocals front and center.

"I'd take my own life, if I could try it out for 30 days," Jenkins sings on the downtempo groove of the A-side, guided by slinky guitar chords and a deep keyboard bass line. It's the disorienting swirl of self-doubt cast as a slow jam, with a haunting, echoing chorus: "This is what it's like, when you dream about dying."

B-side "feelgooddesperation" steps out with a piano, but jittery electronic rhythms soon blend in and then the song just kicks. It's more of a R&B feel and again Jenkins' vocals shine. J. Lugo Miller is patient with the beats, letting the song's yearning power grow and grow.

"I'm Afraid of Everything" also shows up on If This TV Could Talk, the latest ...music video? album, released in February. Again, the 7 inch serves as a perfect introduction to the band's upcoming full-length release.

...music video? - I'm Afraid of Everything

and check out a fascinating clip of the band in rehearsal:

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