Friday, April 15, 2011

Death Kit - Devadasi

The booming drums that open "Devadasi" point to yet another direction for Fort Lowell Records, taking a turn toward the dance clubs with the label's fifth release.

"Devadasi" is dance rock, with an incessant beat, surging keyboards and a keen sense of melody, similar to the sounds of the Manchester scene captured in the film 24 Hour Party People.

Sharing members with FLR mates Wet & Reckless, Death Kit has both rock grit and dance sheen, while the "I don't know a thing about you" chorus takes a bit of a turn toward the spooky.

The B-side is a remix of Death Kit's "I Can Make You Love Me" by the electronic masterminds of video?, who lend some ominous, sci-fi tones. Check out the eerie video for the original.

Death Kit - Devadasi

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