Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Bisbee Records hits Sky Bar

Since I had a bit of a hand in putting this show together, I'd be remiss if I didn't write about the Old Bisbee Records showcase this Friday at Sky Bar. It's billed as the "Jewels of the Southwest" show and each band shines with a different sort of light. And while the lineup is plenty impressive, the Old Bisbee folks are even promising surprise guests throughout the night...

Rowdy folksters The Dusty Buskers will host the night, busking all around the club to open and in between bands. It's the sort of informal performance style that the band (originally formed as a duo of Fiddlin' Phoenix and Dusty Squirrelfisher) has nailed from the start. And aside from playing hosts to some other Old Bisbee cohorts, the Buskers will be honing things for their next show, a CD release gig on St. Patrick's Day at Plush.

Up next is The Silver Thread Trio, the heavenly folk vocal group that stole the show performing with Calexico at the Rialto Theatre after the All Souls Procession. But my personal favorite moment with the Silver Thread Trio came not at that show, but when they sang at the public memorial service for Gabe Zimmerman. They did a hauntingly beautiful cover of Iron & Wine's "Dead Man's Will," and nothing else could have fit that moment better.

Bisbee's Dylan Charles (backed by his band The Border Crossers) plays at 11. Charles is sort of a chameleon of a musician, hot-shit mandolin player on one end and a mystical singer-songwriter on the other, taking whatever he wants from folk, country, soul and rock and blending it into something all-together unique to the desert hills of Southern Arizona. Charles will be debuting his new song "The Lavender Pit," a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for re-purposing the huge open-pit copper mine in Bisbee. Starting tomorrow, the song will be available as a free download at, a preview for Charles' in-progress second album.

Headlining the night will be the groovy Kate Becker & The Zodiacs, who play somewhere in between jazzy blues and rainstorm funk. The swirling, psychedelic rainbow cover art of last year's The Soft Revolution tells you all you need to know:

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