Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buckeye Knoll

Tucson gets plenty of bands coming through town right before and after SXSW, and unfortunatley most of them play to half-empty rooms since the shows happen to be on Sundays and Mondays during the UA's spring break. But that's no excuse for the music fans in town not to head out and catch some brand new bands.

After Monday's Papercuts show, I headed over to Sky Bar for a couple of Bay Area bands. I missed the set from Wave Array, but Buckeye Knoll hit my sweet spot, a sort of Exile-era Stones mixed with alt-country and the sort of high-and-lonesome vocals that always get to me.

A quick look at some of the Bay Area press the band has been getting confirms exactly what I saw:
"Streblow is the real deal, blessed with an expressive voice and solid guitar skills. But, in the end, what makes the album unforgettable are the song lyrics"
--San Francisco Chronicle

"If Kerouac’s On the Road had a score, People and Place would be a strong frontrunner. For any fans of folk, indie, country, or just a heartfelt album filled with nostalgia and hope, Buckeye Knoll is the right band to listen to"
--Unsigned Find

"Its latest release, People and Place, contains gentle, pretty pop rock songs with a twangy edge and rootsy tendencies (think Crosby Stills and Nash)."
--East Bay Express

The band has a brand new EP out on tour, and they're offering it up for free. So take a listen and a download:

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