Friday, April 03, 2009

The Runaway Five CD release show Saturday @ Plush

With their hilariously titled Raygunomics, Tucson's The Runaway Five have put together a tight, catchy EP of alternative rock, with a sci-fi emphasis I wouldn't have thought was possible before giving it a listen.

More punk than prog (which the sci-fi emphasis might otherwise indicate), The Runaway Five bring their rock via loud guitars and just enough new wave synth. It's an energetic and fun blend of music, at turns creative and conventional, but pretty much always in the right places.

The band says they play "the kind of music someone in an 80s movie might have imagined people would listen to in the future" and I suppose that's as apt a description as there is.

Read an interview with the band in the Daily Wildcat, and a review of Raygunomics in the Tucson Weekly.

Check 'em out on MySpace, or get the whole EP for free from the band's Web site.

The show kicks off about 9 p.m. Saturday at Plush, with fellow locals Verdant - who are also releasing an EP - and The Otterssey also on the bill.

And if you miss The Runaway Five on Saturday, they're playing Club Crawl and have several more dates booked at Plush over the next few months.

The Runaway Five - Grey Matter

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