Monday, April 13, 2009

Gary Louris & Mark Olson @ Congress tonight!

Jayhawks founders Gary Louris and Mark Olson are two of the most compatible singers to ever harmonize together, and it's a shame that the reunion between the two longtime bandmates didn't warrant some sort of Central Park festival.

With a new album from New West Records, Ready For The Flood, the duo is back, and playing Tucson tonight. The record is vintage Jayhawks for anyone interested, and the opening song, "The Rose Society," is one of this year's better songs. Regardless, it sure doesn't sound like they haven't recorded together in 14 years.

Reviews of recent shows have been good - and note that a few Jayhawks classics are thrown into the mix along with songs from the new record.

Check out this in-studio set from Minnesota Public Radio.

Gary Louris & Mark Olson - Live on KEXP, 2006 (27 minutes, 37mb)


cko said...

how was the show?

Catfish Vegas said...

Awesome! I've seen the Jayhawks at Congress, but it's just so perfect with Olson & Louris together.