Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Return... and a new mix!

So the hiatus is done with over here at Catfish Vegas Presents... Thanks for your patience to those folks who stuck around these past few months.

I wanted to kick back into gear with a mix - to give the people a whole bunch o' tunes at once.

And given that us here citizens of these here United States just went ahead and picked ourselves a new president - an inspiring choice, if I do say so myself - I thought I'd kinda stick in that vein.

So here are some tunes that are vaguely political, some explicit in their celebration of America, and others that sort of capture the feel of what was at stake this year.

Some are joyous, others are defiant. There's struggle and hope, and some sarcasm and humor, and anger and pride, all tied together in a bunch. The songs of protest are a reminder of what fights have come and gone on this road. The happy songs are a reminder of what's always been at the core of America. The soul and the blues and the folk tunes are the history of this country, a history that wasn't always fit for the newspapers. These are all songs of engagement - and they're all damn good, so give the mix a spin.

Victory 2008 mix
(add the folder to your library and then "import" the xml file to create the playlist)

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