Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catfish, the Wedding Dee-Jay

Not every wedding features fire jugglers giving the bride and groom their first taste of peril as a married couple. But, that's the type of people I run with - the joyous, vibrant and adventurous spirits who'll not only invite vagabond jugglers to their wedding, but embrace the show.

That same happy couple brought in one Catfish Vegas as the wedding dee-jay, turning over the speakers for about 13 hours worth of music once all was said and done with the rehearsal BBQ (not much rehearsing done there, as a matter of fact), cocktail hour, dinner and one hell of a dance party.

It's the second wedding I've been asked to supply tunes for, and I gotta say that it's a wonderful way to boost the enjoyment of the night. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing and loving every song that plays throughout the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Toronto are two of the most tremendous people I know, full of humor and love and open hearts for everyone they meet. I was honored and thrilled to not only throw down the music, but to stand up front as they exchanged vows that even included a reference to the Denver Bronos ("We're a team, like the Denver Broncos, but different").

The whole week was a blur, from the moment Guy and the El Circo del Tres Gringos blew into town. Later that night we lifted Mr. Chair and his girl from the airport, hardly interrupting a fairly thorough bar tour of Downtown Tucson. We fit seven people comfortably in a Ford Grand Marquis. Felix Hurn flew into town the next night. Stu LeBlanc, the General and a host of other good souls painted the town with us. A sunset and some carne seca fell perfectly into the mix. Then there was the rehearsal and wedding and the tunage set a beautiful tone for a weekend of great friends, laughter and a sense of harmony with the entire universe.

This a somewhat vague and cryptic way of saying thanks to everyone involved for making the whole last week the most incredible time I've had in a great long while.

I'll leave y'all with two songs - the first one an Iron & Wine song the groom performed himself at the reception and the second a Magnetic Fields song the best man sang during the service.

Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came (live)
Mike Doughty - Book of Love (live Magnetic Fields cover)

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