Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Glory and tedium

Catfish Vegas is now the thrilled owner of a sweet new Macbook - a classically beautiful machine that seems quicker than Hermes himself after slogging away on a five-year-old Gateway laptop. It was a workhorse to be sure and while it's still running, it was sliding noticeably downhill. Not to mention the lack of any hard drive space whatsoever made the precious acquisition of music a difficult chore.

But not comes the tedium - the slow transferring of files (dating back nearly a decade if you count the already transferred once Word documents that are in many cases priceless). The bulk of the memory space is music files, but there are thousands of pictures there and beyond that, an entirely less well organized mess of written documents.

And not only that, but now it's time to begin the full digitization of my music collection. Yeesh.

But what that all means is I'll have far more music readily available and it will be much easier to dig things out of the vaults at any given time, for any given purpose. So (hint, hint), blogging will become richer from here on out. Plus it will be much easier to make additions to my iPod, like the all-latter-day Dylan playlist I'm working on for the drive to PHX later this week.

Tune in tomorrow for some live tracks from Stephen Malkmus in honor of his excellent new album, Real Emotional Trash...

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