Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Since I gave short shrift to the Heavenly States myself yesterday I 'spose it's a tough position here to complain about how under-attended tonight's show at Congress was. But damn.

I first saw the Heavenly States almost three years ago - in the same venue, opening for Smog. I clearly remember their energetic brand of keyboard- and violin-laden indie rock. But I never did get any of their records and I'm already regretting that. This band has definitely progressed in that time and I couldn't believe how poor the ratio of great music to crowd presence was tonight.

Don't let the Heavenly States pass you by. I can't attest to the recorded material, having just picked up the latest album myself, but the Tucson Weekly has a good review. But judging from the live show, these Bay Area folks are going to have a great 2008.

DOWNLOAD: The Heavenly States - Lost In The Light

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