Friday, November 19, 2004

Play it again, Sam

We're all wrong. Rolling Stone has copped out once again with one of those "Weren't the 60s and 70s great" best of covers: The 500 Greatest Songs.
At least Dylan took the top slot (and 14, 59, 68, 106, 185, 190, 203, 230, 332, 364 and 404)

But screw it, let's play again. Repeat your guess if you'd like. Winner gets... well, nothing, though I 'spose I could buy somebody a beer or something.
But wasn't it fun? Hells yeah, so let's do it again!

Who will be on the cover of the next Rolling Stone?


catfishvegas said...

I'm switchin' it up. That Closer movie is probably gonna hit big and it'll be movie preview time, so I'm going with Natalie Portman. That'd be awesome!

Mr. Chair said...

Using the same mindset, I'm going to stick with Jude Law.

Chomberson said...

I'm getting a big time movie feeling for the next one so I'm sticking with Jim Carrey or Bill Murray. I don't think Closer is big enough to warrant a cover.

jackrabbit said...


Mr. Chair said...

I'm changing mine to my previous backup. U2. It's gonna happen this week or the next.

Eats With Face said...

Green Day or Modest Mouse. I have heard nothing about the "Closer" movie, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ms. Portman on the cover--maybe in something see-through.