Tuesday, May 18, 2004


The staff here at Catfish Vegas presents... would like to warmly congratulate Randy Johnson on tossing a perfect game.
I got to watch the last two innings and it was amazing. Rarely does a baseball crowd give the opponent an extended standing ovation, but anyone who has a pure love of baseball in his or her heart had to feel great watching.
Incredible. The rarest of feats in sports. And outside Harvey Haddix's 12 perfect innings, Johnson may have pitched the single most dominant game in Major League history.
Roger Clemens has had a great year, but with one magic night, Randy re-asserted himself as the single best pitcher in the game today.
As a side note, I made my second trip to Bank One Ballpark on Sunday. The game itself was pathetic, culminating in the sixth when the D'Backs loaded the bases with no outs and couldn't push a run across.
But I did stop to pay homage to the World Series trophy on the way in. I took off my cap, placed it over my heart and just stared at Randy Johnson's game seven jersey, the lineup card and as I crouched to stare at Gonzo's bat and the game-winning ball, I started tearing up. From there to that magic first glimpse of the field... To Randy's perfect game tonight. Now that's baseball.

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