Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunny Day

Everything I've been listening to today fits right in with the bright sunshine right outside my window.

I think my most central comfort zone as far as new music these days is right where the Laurel Canyon, AM Gold, 1970s folk-pop-rock throwbacks exist, and where it bleeds over a little more to country or folk. I'm talking generally Dr. Dog, Vetiver, M. Ward, Golden Boots, Jayhawks. None are exactly favorite bands or albums, but I'll gladly listen to anything that hits that general zone.

Today's listening has been mostly the new albums from the Fruit Bats and Skygreen Leopards (one for a feature I'm writing and one for a review). Nothing groundbreaking or too challenging for the listener, but both albums really hit my sweet spot.

Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band
Skygreen Leopards - Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass

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