Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Theme Time Radio film

I've been loosely following Bob Dylan's XM radio show since it started and found a sort of dual fascination to the program: one is Dylan's transfixingly quirky personality as DJ, yapping in between tracks like it's his dream come true to host a radio program, while the other is not only a reverence for these unearthed treasures he plays week after week, but just the pure enjoyment that damn near every one of those old-timey country, blues, R&B, jazz and rock songs bring.

Dylan is now up to 75 hours worth of broadcasts, each episode thematically defined. And the amazing Night Time In The Big City blog has 'em all.

I just stumbled across a creative short movie made by stringing together audio of the various sultry opening lines and panning across a marvelously detailed painting that incorporates images of all those lines:

I've loved the Baseball episode most, and given away the Mother and Father episodes as gifts to my folks. And I gave the Young & Old episode as a joke for a just-turned-30 friend. It's an immensely entertaining show. Check out a typical Dylan fact-filled interlude and a cut from one Dylan's most played artists, Mose Allison.

Bob Dylan - Fountain of Youth (spoken interlude from Theme Time Radio Hour season 2)
Mose Allison - Young Man's Blues

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