Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"They've got too much to lose by printing the truth"

This is 40 years old. And the interview subject just won a Pulitzer Prize. He's kinduv a dick in the interview. But he has valid points to make about the media that ring true today.

I'd love to see some celebrity today have such antagonism to the system. Are there any respectable folks left out there?

Find some more cool Dylan interview footage here.

I'd like to see some indie rocker turn a bunch of clueless press folks upside-down. Of course, no indie rocker is Bob Dylan, the voice of his generation. It's hard to imagine facing up to someone from my generation really mattering on a large scale. Will there be another universally recognized artist ever? Dylan is a crucial part of the America That Turned From Black & White To Color.

Seriously -- there are good points to be made here. Every historical figure you've seen in black & white film as well as color really had something going. Nowadays there isn't such an easy way to indicate someone has been a crucial part of any change.

Want a trip? Check out this next clip, where someone took some Dylan footage from more than 10 years past those press conferences and overlaid it with music from another 20 years later in his career. What can you possibly say that that sort of relevance and longevity?

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