Sunday, December 30, 2007

Celebrity Death Pool 2008!

Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to announce that the Celebrity Death Pool is being hosted here for the first time in 2008.

We've got a three-time winner on our hands in Mr. Tim Finnagain, who is really starting to creep me out. He won the 2007 contest by correctly predicting the demise of Lady Bird Johnson and Brooke Astor. That follows his 2006 win for Shelley Winters, John Kenneth Galbraith and his 2005 win for the Pope and Arthur Miller (what do you 'spose those two are talking about in the afterlife?). And Finnagain was only one year off on Boris Yeltsin.

So let's see if anyone can dethrone our resident psychic.

New to the contest this year is a prize for our winner: One free year of Immortality, from the diety of your choice.

Put your picks in the comments - we're looking for about 10 guesses per person, but don't worry about going a few over if you're really feeling a psychic connection with the Grim Reaper.

Get your picks in by Jan. 7 and good luck!

UPDATE: Alright, because of some slackers out there, we're gonna extend the deadline on this here contest until JANUARY 13.


Catfish Vegas said...

Maya Angelou
Andy Griffith
Nancy Reagan
Justice John Paul Stevens
Billy Graham
Art Linkletter
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Fidel Castro
Roger Clemens
Elizabeth Taylor

Mr. Chair said...

I really suck at this. I didn't get a single one last year. You figure you bet every Golden Girl, that's like covering the table. Anyway, here's my feeble attempt.

Fidel Castro
Andy Rooney
Any cast member of the Golden Girls (I'm waiting them out)
Karl Malden
Barbara Billingsley
Robert MacNamara
C. Everett Koop
Walter Kronkite
Zsa Zsa Gabor
J.D. Salinger

Stu LeBlanc said...

Edmund Hillary
Kirk Douglas
David Rockefeller
Nelson Mandella
Stephen Hawking
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Doris Day
Doris Lessing
Chuck Berry
Pete Seeger

felix hurn said...

Bob Barker
Fidel Castro
Dick Vav Dyke
Ken Kesey
Robert Byrd
Osama Bin Laden
Frank Buckles
Keith Richards
BB King
Gabriel García Márquez

Charlie said...

Abbie Hofmann
Paul Harvey
Gordon Hinkley
Jerry Lewis
Mickey Rooney
Karl Malden
Abe Vigoda
Studs Terkel
Phyllis Diller
Dick Clark

Tim Finnegan said...

Phyllis Diller
Ariel Sharon
Billy Graham
Kirk Douglas
Tom Lantos
Oral Roberts
Ronnie Biggs
Louis Farrakhan
Billy Graham
Zsa Zsa Gabor

JLC said...

ryan seacrest
osama bin laden
evan mecham
rose mofford
john mccain
michael jackson
50 cent
ron paul
barbara bush, the elder
bb king
mick jagger

Tim Finnegan said...

Very bold choices from jlc. I like that. Stu has a literary/humanist edge to his choices. Bold. Interesting.

I don't like the 10-name rule. This is a hard game. Though I've won 3 times in a row, I still think picking a death isn't easy, and we should have more chances than that. If we have to make a limit, we should make it unlucky 13. 10's not so fun... It's better to be able to expand in a couple interesting directions. I had named 14 and I cut it down when I read the rules more closely. And some people are still above 10. Either we make a rule or we don't. I wasn't consulted about this rule of 10, and I started the game. I think 13 is a better limit.

I'm going to add Keith Richards, Little Richard, and Mary Higgins Clark back to my list. And I think anyone else should be able to add, up to their 13th name, since some are already doing 11 and 12 (and I don't know how many Golden Girls there are... there could be hundreds.) But overall, I'd rather not have rules... just keep it to a reasonable amount... Any comments?

Best of luck to you all and worst of luck to your choices.

JLC said...

i'd like to add john travolta.

Catfish Vegas said...

Additions are fine. I just thought some guidance for those who might be uninitiated would help.

Tim Finnegan said...

Great. And let's hope this is a bad year for evangelists. In the elections, too.

slyzod said...

Abe Vigoda
Fidel Castro
Nancy Reagan
Lindsey Lohan
Bob Barker
Phyllis Diller
Jack La Lane
Kirk Douglas
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Dakota Fanning

Mr. Chair said...

If we are any good at this, Fidel, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Phyllis Diller better tie up any loose ends soon.

P.S. my favorite pick is Dakota Fanning.

CICCI said...

ok here goes, from a guy who reads/watches news daily, I have no idea who is still dead or alive.
Melanie Griffith's lips
Antonio Banderas' desire to kiss them
Paul McCartney's liver
Ringo's desire to reunite with said liver
Liz Taylor
Hunter Thompson...fuck!
Betty Ford
American Television
The word Crunk
Saturday Night Live (really with no writers left, maybe)
Dylan (I know, but when is the world going to get to actually memorialize him?)
I apologize to The Catfish for being jokey about my choices, but y'all are just so morbid.
peace to the middle east peace to islam.

stu leblanc said...

damn where is that envelope with my working list? I was kind of going for unique picks, but since it is a contest and all I am going to add Elizabeth Taylor, J.D. Salinger, and Studs Terkel. How do the points work? Maybe two points for a unique pick and one point for a repeat pick?






CS said...

Bea Arthur (FYI, 2nd oldest Golden Girl, will turn 86 in May)
Fidel Castro
Betty Ford
Billy Graham
Sen. Daniel Inouye (Hawaii)
Queen Elizabeth
Nancy Reagan
Dr. Robert H. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral in CA
Mike Wallace
Betty White (FYI, oldest Golden Girl, will turn 86 this month)
Andy Williams

St said...

Pacman Jones
Hulk Hogan
Little Richard
Gordon Lish
Philip Roth
Andy Reid
Britt Reid
Garrett Reid
Britney Spears
Courtney Love

All of them are under 80, and four of them are under 30! How you like that?

St said...

And whoever said Dakota Fanning is my favorite person.

Diesel said...

Hmmm ... since I'm arriving late, and I'm sure there will be more than a few repeats on my list, I'm going to up the ante by calling my shot on cause of death as well:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Assassination
Shawn Kemp - Congestive Heart Failure
Mo Vaughn - See above
Fidel Castro - Lung cancer
Dick Cheney - Hubris
Andy Rooney - Ancientness
Ted Haggard - Ringworm
Dennis Kucinich - "Abduction"
Doyle Brunson - Take your pick
Bob Knight - Self-inflicted gun wound
50 Cent - Beef
Tom Petty - Irrelevance
Jimmy Carter - Desire to get above the fold again
Brooklyn Beckham - Suicide
Sam Harris - Christian Fatwah

Ryan said...

I'm sure some of these are repeats:

Elizabeth Taylor
Kirk Douglas
Pope Benedict XIV
John Wooden
Robbie Knievel
Amy Winehouse (gotta have somebody under 30)
Tom Osborne, of Nebraska coach/AD fame
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
Artie Lange
Vladimir Putin

General said...

I would like to add Manut Bol

KATE*RED said...

Thank the jesus for the new 13 rule.
Due to recent events, I would like to add the following persons & reptilian hybrid to KATESSUPERPSYCHICDEATHPIX...
-Bush Jr.(He's got a hit out on his head. It's his last year in office and it's him or Osama, and let's face it Osama is nothing if not effective)
-Brittany Spears (psychotic break leads to Thorazine overdose)
-Jack Nicholson (I'm crying right now)

Mr. Tim Finnegan said...

How did we all miss Suharto? He'll be gone any day now.

stu leblanc said...

and stu leblanc jumps out to an early lead! R.I.P., Edmund Hillary.

General said...

And for my final two picks
Nuri al-Maliki
Wilfred Brimley

Anonymous said...

OK I know it's already 16 days into the year but I'd like to leave my picks for the 2008 Celebrity Death Pool, please:

(in no particular order)

Eli Wallach
Artie Lange
Jeff Conaway
Ron Popeil
Fidel Castro
Barbara Billingsley
Lauren Bacall
Tim Conway
Jason Wahler
Mohammed Ali

I'll be checking back here and there to see how others do, too!


Mr. Tim Finnegan said...

Death's Ledger:
Heath Ledger

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
stu leblanc said...

One of Charlie's picks, Gordon Hinkley, has passed away; no doubt he is enjoying exaltation in the celestial kingdom.

charlie said...

As Catfish and I have many old friends from days gone by that fall into the category of the LDS-area, I will just say that I hope his trip to the gates of heaven or some planet or whatever else he might have done was pleasant. And that he had snacks for the trip.

Anonymous said...

Charlton Heston, Epic Film Star and NRA Leader, Dies at 83

Mr. Tim Finnegan said...

Albert Hoffmann dead at 102.

What is our position on Charlie's vote cast for Abbie Hoffman who died in 1989?

Thoughts? Concerns? Evidence?

I mean, you could say it's a typo(if it was a typo), but then I just made a typo when I voted for Albert Hoffmann last year (if I in fact voted for Albert Hoffmann last year).

I just checked. I did. Dammit.

Catfish Vegas said...


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing a role of a lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic octogenarian Sophia on TV's "The Golden Girls," died July 22. She was 84.

Catfish Vegas said...

...And the judges say: Mr. Chair gets one. Lazily saying all four cast members from the Golden Girls instead of actually listing names is fine. We're not pricks here.

Tim Finnegan said...

Dammit! I was sure I had Alexander Solzheinitsyn, but apparently I picked him last year :( I should have done better. He's the only major figure that shares my birthday. I thought we were a team.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I'm new to this site and not only does the blog work for me, this feature has had me laughing my tit's off - good work one and all!

Next one to go? Sir Norman Wisdom, OBE.

Mr. Tim Finnegan said...

R.I.P. David Foster Wallace, UA alum and wordy man.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see I'm the first to mention..
-amy winehouse but aside from her
-dick Clark
-artie Lange
-yogi Berra
-keith Richards
-fidel Castro
-Ashley olson
-Mohammed Ali
-john mcaine
John goodman

Mr. Tim Finnegan said...

Congrats to Charlie for picking Studs Terkel, may he rest in peace.

And to Anonymous, above: You are not the first to pick Amy Winehouse and besides, you're about 10 months to late to vote. Although in a way, I guess it is more challenging to pick people with only 2 months to go, seeing as how you didn't use your tardiness to name anybody that died in the last 10.