Saturday, September 22, 2007

The imprecise measurement of time...

Let's just go ahead and call it a heck of a day.
I took care of my administrative tasks - oil change, picking up my custom framing order from Michael's - lickety split.
I picked up the new Paste magazine to read over a relaxing iced coffee (we're still in the 90s here, folks and dammit fall can't come soon enough).
I bought a new house plant, and finished naming the rest of them: Jackie, Roy, Don, Sandy, Pee-Wee, Mickey and Tommy. I considered anachronistic names like Herman and Mortimer, but I thought they'd be too tough to remember. Not really sure why they happen to be male... Stu said he used to name plants after musicians, Thurston and Kim and etc.
I spent some great time with the illustrious Robert Anthony Peters and his family.
Later I headed downtown to catch The Swim play a nice outdoor set.
No complaints at all, but answer me this: Why do Saturday's contain half the hours of your average Monday?

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