Monday, June 18, 2007

Catfish on the way to the nightclub

It's almost time to head out and catch Shearwater. I'm curious about what I've heard from the Austin band (a good chunk of the latest record as it was first released, plus an earlier split 7 inch) and excited to see some quasi friends again. Shearwater shares at least two members with Okkervil River, hands down one of my favorite bands these days. The difference is the songwriting, and it's a hell of a difference because without knowing, I'd never guess the bands shared some members.
Shearwater is fronted by Jonathan Meiburg, the keyboardist and ornithologist, while Okkervil River is fronted by Will Sheff, the guitarist and movie critic. And that's a gross oversimplification of each of them, but they're both in both bands.
I mention quasi friends because Okkervil River played show here on Thanksgiving a few years back and all ate dinner at my house and crashed there later. I've chatted with them each time they've been through since and you'd have a tough time finding a more fascinating group of musicians and all-around weirdos.
Anyway, high hopes for a band that I'm fairly unfamiliar with musically despite what else I know of its membership.


Diesel said...

Shearwater is fronted by Jonathan Meiburg, the keyboardist and ornithologist

That has to be one of the best factoids about a band's lead singer in the history of blogging.

It's a little known fact that Lil' Wayne is both a rapper and an amateur botanist. But he ain't no ornithologist.

Keep on rockin', Catfish Vegas.

- Diesel

catfishvegas said...

Diesel (or any other interested party):
No joke on the birdwatching - check to following link (or any other similar easily found ones) for proof, or any number of other top-notch factoids: