Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catfish in flight

I'm just hours away from jettin' off to visit Mr. Chair, Ms. Lippy and various other folks in the wonderful city of Stumptown U.S.A. You might wonder why someone would leave 75 degrees and beautiful sunshine for 57 and drizzly rain, but that slides right on past the point. This is a damn well-earned vacation and it'll be lived up to the fullest.
Wednesday we'll go catch Son Volt, who have a pretty damn outstanding new album. For years and years I was neutral on the Uncle Tupelo split, giving equal props to the first two albums from both Tweedy and Farrar. I even caught Son Volt on the Wide Swing Tremolo tour and still think Medicine Hat is one of the best Dylan songs that Dylan never wrote (lyrics here).
But then came Summerteeth and I finally had a preference for Wilco over Son Volt.
Still, I've followed everything Farrar has done and dig the new tunes. The show should be something special, definitely.
Little else is planned out ahead of time for Portland, but I'll get to visit an old friend I grew up with and haven't seen in 10 years. I 'spose myspace can be a good thing from time to time if it brings folks out of the woodwork.
So here's to a decent week for everybody and though I'm not promising, perhaps I'll get a bug up my nose to send an update from the Northwest.

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