Thursday, June 30, 2005


Six months down, six to go. How’s 2005 shaping up? Well, decent, I ‘spose.
Why are half years never subjected to the same sort of reflection reserved for the full year? Or even half as much?
Screw it. Catfish Vegas presents… presents 2005.5, the best of the year so far, a collection of movies, music, personal experiences and nonsense that has kicked ass.
Okkervil River has far and away put out the best album so far this year. “Black Sheep Boy,” is all sorts of crazy awesome. It rocks harder and swoops slower than any of their previous efforts. And in the concert category, their March show is also among the best.
Shows in general have been a high point for the half year: Okkervil, Luna, Crooked Fingers, Clem Snide, Steve Earle, Wilco, Calexico, Neko Case, Social Distortion and more.
Other albums that are sure to be on the end of the year bests: Bruce Springsteen, Crooked Fingers, Clem Snide, Beck, Mike Doughty and Bright Eyes (also, I’m sure, the Decemberists, White Stripes and Spoon, though I’ll have to hear ‘em first).
I can only recommend outright three movies so far this year: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Sin City and Crash. I’ll throw in Star Wars for the nostalgia. Still on the list to see are Batman and Land of the Dead.
And in the Catfish arena, how ‘bout camping, trips North and Midwest, time at the ballpark, promotion and refuge. And then there’s all the mess: SKC and time wasting for the most part.
And nonsense? Nothing else has quite so nearly defined this half year. DJJ alone has stretched absurdity farther than I’d have guessed.
Props to the Ponderosa pine tree.
And in closing, here’s a New Half Year’s Resolution (in the immortal words of Freaktown): Henceforth, I will kick ass.


Mr. Chair said...

What a .5 year. Christ. I can't begin to start classifying it, or I'll lose it. I gotta just wait for the rest of the .5 and hope the full 12 aren't quite as gut-wrenching. Somehow I think I'll be waiting in vain.

Eats With Face said...

My .5 year in review:
-a worthless New Year's
-a peculiar visit to D.C.
-endless job searching.
-amazing skiing
-A girl from Maine
-lots of bar time
-an Elite 8 meltdown
-minor bouts of depression
-A serious ankle injury
-weight gain
-coffee and mango tea
-paper writing
-criminal defense job
-A visit from Mainzer
-A peculiar visit to Costa Rica
-A new job
-a new crush
-an old crush
-my grandma
-a roommate
-a cat

Things are getting better and better. 2005 kicks 2004's ass!

Mr. Tim Finnagain said...

Oooh.. I'm tempted.

-New Year's in Rotterdam
-long winter nights writing screenplay
-audition in Amsterdam and unfolding truths of the universe
-boring well paid job for three weeks
-losing job
-refused for workpermit
-guaranteed end of income
-cold february
-chainsmoking watching Trainspotting
-keep writing
-that artist girl died
-funeral in eglise st. roch and musical parade in snow
-brother arrives
-good times in Amsterdam and Jimmy Eat World concert
-mystical trek to Paradiso
-brother attempts to fuck up my life
-cutting off communication to brother
-not enough money for rent
-move in with friends
-surviving with food donations
-several visits from and to friar david
-100 page rewrite of screenplay in 15 days
-public reading of screenplay
-directing short film
-ten days in US
-three poems
-writing black comedy until 7am night after night, smoking, drinking, tripping on ideas, I shit you not
-acting in three short films
-sleeping in boat and hotel stairwell in Cannes
-writing synopsis for new film for Saudi billionaire
-recommence communication with brother
-sketch group achieves notoriety
-rehearsing and preparing feature film
-12-hour days of shooting for three weeks

Eats With Face said...

I want to hear the story about your brother, Finn.