Wednesday, February 18, 2004

What scene?

Sometimes tooling around Pollstar is good for little more than letting friends in other cities know when bands are coming their way. I sent Kip an email today listing about 12 top notch acts heading to his corner of the Northwest in just the next two months.
Still, I'm actually impressed with the shows heading to the Old Pueblo this season. I'll miss X this weekend - Vegas Baby! - but there's plenty more: Supersuckers, Mason Jennings, Neko Case, Okkervil River, the Decemberists... and best of all, Wilco on April 29.
If the anectodal doesn't convince you that for what it is the Ol' Pueblo pulls more than its share of fine national acts, today comes official news that at least some people in Phoenix envy the scene south of the Gila. Now that's a shock - not the fact, but the admission. Rest assured though, Phoenix, you can cram all the Britney Spears and Metallicas you want into the soul-less dens that are sporting arenas. I'll stick with my near turn-of-the-century hotel turned club, railroad district warehouse gallery and Vaudeville theatre. And the faith that it's getting better all the time.